Monday, August 17, 2009

I'm back

Hi folks. I'm back. My hiatus was longer than expected but I had to enjoy life a little.

A few updates.

-I found a new job as a pre-school teacher. I was trying to get back to corporate America but for some reason the childcare industry keeps calling me.

- Went to N.C. for a week and half to clear my mind. I spent the week riding scooters (foot powered) down a big ass hill, running up my father's water bill by turning on the sprinklers for hours at a time, drawing on the road with chalk, using the lawn mower as a go cart and doing other stupid things bored country kids do.

- Went to Vegas

-And for the most part I was job hunting.

So how has Summer 09 treated you?

Monday, May 4, 2009

First Lady Obama's kickz

I'm supposed to be working on something but of course i'm procrastinating. I was surfing the web and I stumbled on a few articles where people were complaining about First Lady Michelle Obama's sneakers. Apparently she wore a pair of $540 kickz while volunteering on Saturday.
It appears people take issue with her sneakers b\c they are so pricey and it can be deemed offensive. And they also complain that if Sarah Palin had done the same thing the media would have been all over it. This is silly. She's volunteering why does it matter how much her kickz cost? She was dressed appropriately and she felt like wearing her new shoes to spruce up her outfit. I could see it being a big deal if she wore a pair of stiletto Jimmy Choos and was prancing around in a strapless dress b\c then she wouldn't be able to walk around, lift, pack bags etc... But she was dressed for the occasion
Secondly there is a difference between First Lady Obama wearing these Lanvin sneakers and Sarah Palin, Michelle Obama earned her own money. It appears some people have forgotten that prior to making it to the white house the Obama's had money. Both are Ivy-League educated, both were attorneys, President Obama was a professor and Senator not to mention they've earned the bulk of their money from Obama's two books. Sarah Palin's clothes on the other hand were purchased by the RNC. The donations the RNC receives are to fund elections and other such GOP events, not wardrobes.
There's got to be something else going on in DC to report on besides the First Lady's kickz.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Brief Hiatus

My desk at home looks a lot like the one in the pic. ---------->

I've been so off on my blogging game lately. I do apologize. It's the end of the semester, I'm graduating, an assistant teacher, and on the job hunt. I'll be back after graduation... hopefully before my 1st vacation of the Summer.

To my new readers and old readers thank you for your support! I'll be back soon... but, if something major happens I will certainly try my best to do an entry.

*While I'm gone check out the blogs I follow. They are sure to keep you entertained and informed

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Today I'd like to coin a new term "Mandingoism". I created this term fairly recently after re-reading some material for middle eastern studies. This term is an extension of Edward Said's term Orientalism. Orientalism defined at its simplest is described as, "Western knowledge about the East is not generated from facts, but through imagined constructs that see all "Eastern" societies as fundamentally similar, all sharing crucial characteristics unlike those of "Western" societies, thus, this ‘a priori’ knowledge established the East as antithetical to the West. Such Eastern knowledge is constructed with literary texts and historical records that often are of limited understanding of the facts of life in the Middle East.[5]". Essentially most knowledge generated about the Middle East is based on preconceived notions and preoccupied with exaggerating the East's "otherness" and differences from the west.

Mandingoism is Orientalisms first cousin. Mandingoism shall be defined as American fascination with Africa and its differences from the Anglo-American world. It shall further be stated that most of the Anglo-American world's interaction,and ideas of Africa and Africans (particularly the men) are based on antiquated studies (eugenics,the likes of Dr. Blumenbach, and various anthropologists studies) and stereotypes that originated as early as the 17th century. Some of them are that Africans are immoral, overly sexual, uncivilized, poor, cannibals, and of course have a big...stick

Hi, I'm Satya and i'm an Mandingoist (one who unknowingly follows or studies Mandingoism). I don't mean it in the sense that I think all Africans live in huts, are going to eat me, or are going to hall me off to their village and have me circumcised. But in the sense that I am extremely fascinated with the "otherness" and do see African men as exotic. I guess you could say I find myself wondering if some of the sexual stereotypes are true. Why do I wonder, hell if I know... wait it could have something to do with all the B-S I was continuously told in secondary school and things I have seen in various movies.

I'm currently seeing an African guy and hot dam I'm so attracted to him. I find his accent quite appealing, i'm very attracted to his height, and I know it sounds crazy but something about him seems exotic and mysterious to me. Is he really exotic and mysterious or am I just creating this in my mind b\c of the crap I've learned and heard? The latter is probablly true. This whole thought process is uncool to me. I spend a great deal of time in academia trying to debunk Orientalism and here I am being a Mandingoist. What's up with that? I'm trying my best not to let my Mandingosit thoughts affect our interactions. They usually don't, but every now and then when we're out a Mandingoist thought or behavior enters my mind.

Have you ever thought of someone as exotic and been fascinated by their "otherness"? Have you ever received attention b\c you were deemed different\exotic\other? How'd it make you feel?

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

CP Time

I have a few observations about folks and time and coordinating events. Like to hear it? Hear it goes

Who the hell invented CP time? I want to meet the person or group that invented said concept and tell them it's bull sh*t! The other night I was off to meet a friend for dinner and she was late. 30 mins late to be exact. I was to the train station when I heard her call out my name. Two problems 1) don't be hollerin ot my name in the middle of the street and 2) this buzzard was extra late. When I asked her why she was so tardy she replied "gurl, you know i'm on CP time. I am so sick to death of hearing this lame ass excuse from colored folks! I don't believe in CP time. If we say we're going to meet at 7 then plan to be there by 645 so in case the train or bus is off schedule you'll only be there 5 or 10 mins late. Stop this CP time foolishness ASAP.

Folks if you're having a child's birthday party have it at an appropriate time. If I get another invite to a 6 year old's birthday party that starts at 6pm i'm going to scream. Back in my day kids' birthday parties started between 12-3. Anything after 3:30 is for the adults. Also alcohol.... not appropriate at a kids party. You can't be downing Heineken's and Hennessy when you gotta drive your child\niece\nephew home. Not cool people.

Finally if you're planning an event for someone please plan the event in a timely manner. Don't send me an invite to a party\baby shower\bridal shower 3 days in advance. These invites should arrive at least two weeks in advance.

I guess this is just a rant. I'm in the process of planning a baby shower for a close friend and i'm very organized at party planning. However, a close friend of the mom-to-be and me is also having a baby shower but her shower planners are unorganized. The two expecting mothers want to be at each others' shower but the lack of organization on the part of the other shower is pissing me off. The shower i'm helping to plan is scheduled 5-6 weeks ahead of the due date (pending the availability of the venue). The other mom's shower is guessed to be around 2 weeks ahead of the due date. wtf? Why so close to the due date? Normally I wouldn't care but their lack of planning is interfering with my two shower dates. Obviously their showers can't be on the same date. And I don't see myself being nice about this once I make a deposit on the location. If you're not decisive or lack organizational skills get someone to help you when planning an event. Anywho this is my rant.

Anyone else ever been invited to poorly coordinated events? Does CP time bother you?
I guess i'm old school. If you're going to do something don't do it half-ass

Monday, March 30, 2009

The Princess and the frog

Many apologies for not posting. I've been sick the past week. But i'm back.

So I heard for a while that Disney is finally making a princess movie with a black princess. Yay!!! I'm an adult and i'm excited for it. It's so long overdue. Back in my day the princesses were Arielle, Jasmine, Pocahontas, and Mulan. Since no one was black I just automoatically aligned myself with Princess Jasmine. She had a brown complexion. Her hair looked thick and she wasn't a pushover princess. She was cool. But I still wanted a black princess to look up to.

Apparently there's some controversy about the movie because the prince is not black. He's not white either he's one of those you can't tell kinda folks. People are upset because every other princess had a boo that was the same ethnicity. I'm not really bothered by it. I think it's cool for biracial kids and black kids to finally have their Disney character. Theblack kids can see a a princess they can identify with and biracial kids can see a couple that looks like mommy and daddy. Kudos for everyone.

The article ends by saying little black boys will have to wait another 20 for "their"character but I don't know if I agree with that. I know little black boys so need a character thats their own, but I don't think the "princess" movies really effect boys or linger in their subconscious. I remember in elementary school the girls gathered around saying they wanted to be like Arielle or Aurora or Jasmine. I never heard the boys saying I want to be like Prince Eric or John Smith. These movies are geared more towards girls and greatly affect them. How many grown women have you heard say i'm looking formy Prince Charming or knight in shining armor. I've yet to hear a grown man say I want my Mulan or Cinderella. Fairytales cater to girls.

I'm excited for Princess Tiana. So folks is the "contraversy" overblown? Are you going to boycott b\c the prince isn't black? Guys did you ever identify with any of the princes?

Monday, March 16, 2009

Religious Roots

I've found myself in several discussions about religion lately and they've been pretty interesting. I have friends that practice different religions (Christians, Muslims, Hindus) agnostic and the ones that are spiritual.When people ask me what religion I am I say i'm spiritual with a Christian Hindu leaning. lol I can't deny those Christian roots.
I was born into a Baptist family. My father is the pastor of a Baptist church and i've spent most of my life attending various Baptist, AME Zion, AME and the occasional Church of God in Christ (C.O.G.I.C.) and Pentecostal church. I know scriptures pretty well and am very aware of church protocol. I say i'm spiritual but my Christian\Baptist upbringing is still a part of my life. I go to church a few times a year. I still fast for Lent. I hardly talk during service for fear of the TSA I mean ushers coming over and pulling my ear lol. And I still know most of those good ol hyms.

Anyhow with all of this i've never been baptized. My friend and I were talking and somehow it came up and he just stopped and looked at me.
Friend: Have you been baptized?
Me: no
F: *blank stare* what? How is that possible. You know the only way to the father is through the son. Girl, God doesn't even know you
M: Dude I know the scripture. I just haven't.

He said this to me in a joking way but I could tell he was definitely serious and believed what he was saying. This was interesting because he is one of the friends that defines himself as Agnostic. He grew up Catholic taught Sunday school and the whole nine. But since he was about 17 he's claimed he's agnostic and doesn't know or deny there's a God and doesn't agree or believe with all Catholic Dogma and often jokes saying bury him in shorts and a t-shirt b\c he doesn't want to be overdressed when he arrives in eternity. Yet he was lecturing me about the importance of being saved to ensure my eternal resting place. I wonder how many other people are like him? How many are like me? We identify ourselves one way in terms of religion but our thinking and actions on certain things are dictated by the religions we have stepped away from.

I find it interesting when people like Bill Maher (who grew up Catholic) say they are agnostic and chide those that are religious. Religion is quite powerful. We may think some people's religious practices are silly or impractical in modern times but for some reason or another it is hard to break away from. Think about it. If you grew up in a religious household\family how much of your time has been devoted to instilling the principles and practices of said religion in you. When I was young every Saturday my parents and I would go to my grandparents house and have family Bible study. My grandparents mostly listened to gospel music. I was in the choir (so rehersal was 2nd and 4th sat.) and on the praise dance team, not to mention there was Sunday school. Thats several hours of my week that was devoted to learning about and practicing Christianity for like the first 13 years of my life. There's no way I can throw all that knowledge\info away. It is definitely part of my life. Religion can dictate every part of your life if you've been taught that way. It dictates dating, sex, some of your money, time (for prayer worship, and charity work), your relationship with the "unbeliever" marriage etc...
How many of you are religious? If you've moved away from the religion you grew up as, have you completely shed your religious past? Would you date someone that's not as religious as you?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Last night I was talking with a male friend and somehow or another intellectuals were mentioned. The convo went like this

Him: I'm highly intellectual. Wouldn't you agree?

Me: ummm if that's what you believe

H: You don't think i'm intellectual

M: I don't think you're stupid and you definitely know some things

H: What do you rate my intellect on a scale of 1-10

M: I don't like this question. are you prepared for the answer

H: Go ahead tell me

M: a 5 or 5.5

H: You've gotta be kidding

M: *Silent*

If you have to ask if someone regards you as an intellectual chances are you are not. Why in sam-hell would he ask me that? I wasn't out to break him down or anything like that but it needed to be done. I usually let fools ramble on and on and let them keep making a fool of themselves. But, last night he was getting way too condescending. He thought because I was quiet "see you can't refute my argument. clearly your lack of comments shows i'm right. just admit i'm more intelligent than you". And that is the comment that made me have to check him. How dare he challenge me. (Satya has slightly masculine ego...perhaps i got it from my father hmmm). I don't think i'm a genius or anything like that. I think i'm as intelligent as most college grads. I don't feel the need to flaunt what I know about a subject in front of someone who doesn't nor do I say things to get attention and have people tell me "you're so smart'. Its not necessary. Stop trying so hard

But if you're feeling bold and decide to challenge me directly bring it. So basically I had to shut him down and by the end of the convo he was telling me that he didn't appreciate me putting him down and belittling him. Don't start no stuff, won't be no stuff. So now I shall present a list of the some ways to know whether or not you're an intelligent

-If you ONLY read Hip-Hop magazines, hood books, and comic strips. you're not an intellectual. Broaden you're horizons (note the emphasis on ONLY)

-If you can only converse about one topic with ease and knowledge, you're not intelligent. You should be well versed in many areas. It should be anything from English lit. classics to chopped and screwed to the latest movies to events in history to the latest technology.

- If you cannot answer questions about an argument you are making, you're not an intelligent. Don't make an argument if you can't defend\answer questions about it.

-If you ask someone are you intelligent, you're not

- If you try to change the meanings of words to express what you're saying, you're not very bright

-A final note, Just b\c you graduated form college doesn't mean you're intelligent. I know some college grads that make scratch my head sometimes

I know there's more but i'll stop here. Go on add to the list. What are some ways to know whether or not you're intelligent